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10 Month Recap

So much happens in one month and Jamey is on the move! We never had to babyproof with Cora but Jamey may be a different story. He is fast an lightening, on all fours, and can get anywhere he wants now. This also means I need to (or should) vacuum everyday, because he will find any crumb on the floor and try to consume it. Unfortunately for Jamey, he is not a fan of the noise made by the vacuum.

The fireplace seems to be Jamey's favorite destination attempt, along with most things that are not toys. Let's see, the trash can is probably his second favorite destination attempt. We will be going to the beach in a week, so I wonder what he will think of the sand. He is is very sensitive to textures, so it will be interesting if he tries to eat it or not.

Time is going fast and Jamey is growing so much and changing everyday, but his beautiful SMILE is the constant. He is happy and between Cora, Matt and myself, he gets lots of LOVE. He has made our family complete and we count our blessing two times daily, one for Cora and one for Jamey.

Cora turned 3 years old on May 5th, so I will post something to honor her over the weekend.

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