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8 Months & A Superstar Sister

Today Jamey turns 9 months and here I am reflecting back on 8 months! 8 months is when Jamey really started to enjoy solid food, opposed to main diet of breast milk. He likes most things but has his preferences. Avocado was his first food but probably his least favorite so far. He seems to like what I like and I have not done any research, but maybe that is because he knows these foods from when he was growing in my belly. I believe, if Jamey could talk, he would say green beans are his favorite. They are my favorite vegetable as well. His solid food menu, so far, has consisted of peas, applesauce, sweet potato, butternut squash, strawberries, banana, peanut butter and homemade bread. I am trying to expand upon his offering, but he does not have any teeth yet so we are going to need a little more time and will keep on working on "the chew" technique for now. On the food horizon is yogurt, cheese and black beans. I am really looking forward to all the summer fruit, like melons and peaches, in the coming months.

I call Jamey "Sugar Bear" and that nickname suits him well. He is sweet as sugar and big as a bear! Last night he was sleeping on me and I was thinking about how perfectly he fits in the crook of my neck and shoulder and how I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world. Jamey usually falls asleep on me after his 7 pm feeding and then wakes up around 8 pm for his final feeding before bed. I am enjoying every minute of this and engraving in my heart the feeling, so that I never forget it and can reflect back on it often.

Sweet Cheeks is a star in the making! She loves to talk, make you laugh and perform!! Her picture below is one of her many performances and she is decked out from head to toe. Her firefighter hat (a nod to you Pop Pop), sunglasses, necklaces, a fancy dress, her tap shoes, a banjo-uke and her microphone. She gets her sense of style from my grandmother, Julia Reckord Smith, and a bit of her spunky personality as well. She is one amazing little girl and although we have had and will have many more "Battle Of The Bulls" (we both have the astrological sign Taurus), I will make sure she knows that "I Love Her All Da Time". She is my one-of-a-kind, beautiful inside and out "Sweet Cheeks".

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