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Jamey is SEVEN Months

Reflecting back on the past SEVEN months and it's hard to remember what life was like before Jamey blessed us with his arrival on Friday, July 6th! We love him so much and between the three of us he gets lots of kisses and hugs. Cora tends to be on the conservative side when it comes to giving hugs and kisses and prefers them on her own terms, not when she is asked. We loved on her just as much as we have with Jamey, maybe more since she was the first born and had 26 month of undivided attention, but she takes after me and is not overly affectionate. She has a heart of gold and loves big and I call her my "best girl". Jamey is a lovey dovey and likes to snuggle, so I am going to take advantage of this in case he ends up being conservative like Cora.

At seven months, Jamey has pretty much mastered sitting up. He occasionally will lose his balance and fall over, but he knows how to get to his belly and work on his tummy time if he gets in that predicament. Tummy time is not his favorite, it wasn't Cora's either, as he prefers to be sitting up. Him being able to sit up definitely makes bath time more fun for him! We had two different tub inserts we used but he grew out of the one and the other had him in a layed back position and he kept wanting to sit up. So our big boy can splash, kick and try to catch toys floating by him now!! Cora prefers to take a bath in Jamey's bath and with Jamey. I think she likes his toys better or did initially and is now just use to being in Jamey's tub. They start out in the tub together, with water up to Jamey's waist, and once Jamey gets out Cora gets more water and a little more time to play. Cora has had to give up her bath towels to Jamey because he grew out of his baby ones and she grew out of her toddler ones. It was a win win and no one complained about having more towel coverage, because the bigger the better when it comes to bath towels.

A few pictures of bath time with Sweet Cheeks and Sugar Bear. Getting them both to smile at the same time is no small feat and especially because all the while I am trying to make sure Jamey dosen't tumble while I am behind the camera.

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