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2 1/2 (CPB) & 4 months (JCB)

Cora Presley Bailey turned 2 1/2 on November 5th. Cora is 2 1/2 going on 22. She is a special little girl who is going to grow up and do amazing things in her life. I remind her that she "is my best girl" on a regular basis and I thank God everyday that she is one of my blessings. Her personality is similar to mine and I think that is one part hereditary, one part environment and one part due to us sharing the same astrological sign. Cora and I are both Taurus and we are going to have some interesting times ahead of us with two bulls butting heads on hopefully very rare occasions.

Jamey Coyle Bailey turned 4 months on Novermber 7th. He started giggling on November 9th and I can't get enough of the noise he makes. He dosen't usually cry unless he is hungry and believe it or not I think that is the sweetest sound as well. He is obviously one of my other blessings! At his four month check-up the doctor was talking about sleep training and how to get him on a earlier nighttime schedule. Jamey must understand English, not really and I know it is a coincidence, because that night he started going to bed earlier and now is on an 8am to 8pm schedule.

Cora's 2 1/2 year check-up stats: 38lb (99th percentile) and 3'2.66" (98th percentile) with BMI of 17.87 (89th percentile)

Jamey's 4 month check-up stats: 18lb 8.3oz (94th percentile) and 2'1.59" (66th percentile) with BMI of 19.88 (96th percentile)

A few pictures below of my Sweet Cheeks (CPB) and Sugar Bear (JCB).

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