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Three Months for "Sugar Bear"

Jamey hitting the three month mark, on October 6th, has been so exciting! His vision depth has increased immensely, since two months, and his interaction level is so much fun!! His smile is contagious and when he "talks" he makes the most beautiful sound that is music to my ears. I love giving him kisses and I think Cora ties me in how many kisses she gives. She is always asking about Jamey when she wakes up from a nap or comes into the house after being outside. So sweet to see the sister - brother bond that Cora and Jamey have created in such a short time.

Jamey has been sleeping through the night as of 8 weeks and has been taking after his mom recently with an extreme love of sleeping. He has been going to bed around 9:30pm and waking up around 9:30am. I just need to work on getting him to bed a little sooner and get towards a 7am to 7pm schedule if possible.

Jamey's next check-up is at 4 months, so I'll give a height and weight details following. He was born weighing 6 lbs and 14oz. At two months he was 14 lbs 1.8oz. Jamey and I established breastfeeding from day one and he has been an excellent eater ever since. I have been blessed with what seems to be babies on the high end of the growth chart and I am very thankful.

Cora has been a busy bee, as usual, and her vocabulary and exceptional personality are developing every day. She has been working on potty training since Matt finished school in June and it has been an interesting experience, but I believe we are getting closer to the end goal and will be there in the next month or two. After eliminating diapers, we will move on to the pacifier. The current plan, which we have casually discussed with Cora, is to have Santa take Cora's pacifier and give them to Jamey. In return, Cora will receive presents from Santa in place of her pacifiers. The picture of Cora below is her second race while we visited The Kieffers in North Carolina over the weekend of September 21st. We were there to celebrate Cole's birthday, September 20th, and being with family is always a great time!

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