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More Fun with Cora and Jamey

It's been a wonderful Summer and I love looking back on our life as a family of four. Becoming a mom was a dream of mine and now that my dream has come true, with the blessings of Cora and Jamey, words can not properly express the joy that comes with being a mother.

We celebrated with The Reece Family before they made their move back to South Carolina. We miss them all dearly and the first picture is with Spencer, Anna and Alex the day before they left. The second picture is Cora with Daddy at Run The Goat. This was Cora's first race and although she came in last place, she ran the whole time, finished and loved the experience. I took Cora to the tennis courts for the first time in the third picture. I was trying to teach her a few basic skills, but she was more interested in running after the balls. It was a positive first time on the courts and we will be back! Jamey hit the 7 week mark on August 24th and every week he is becoming more and more alert. We still don't have a consistent schedule down yet, but we will keep working to get to one. The Kieffer family came to visit over Labor Day weekend and got to meet Jamey for the first time in person (we facetimed prior). We had a ton of fun and did it all, beach to Funland, making memories that maybe will turn into an annual tradition. September 6th was the 2 month mark and I put Jamey in his star chair because he is able to sit up for a little bit, before he slowly slides over. It was supposed to be a picture of just Jamey, but Cora said "what about me". She is right, I can't leave her out of that picture, it only make sense that she be in each of Jamey's milestone pictures. At two months he was starting to smile and coo, which is so exciting! His interaction level is increasing with each day and he has a beautiful smile, just like his big sister Cora.

Cora is the most loving big sister and gives Jamey so many kisses. She is a natural with babies and watching her and Jamey create what will turn into an unbreakable sister-brother bond is priceless.

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