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Some"bunny" is FIVE days old!

Jamey and I (Casey) were discharged from the hospital on Monday, July 9th and we just completed our second full day at home as a family of four. Everyone is doing great and we are thankful for our newest blessing, Jamey.

Jamey is named after both of our father's first names and my brother Kirk's first name, James. Coyle is Matt's middle name and the middle name of his father and grandfather. We thought long and hard for the perfect name and now we have the perfect little boy to complete our now family of four, Jamey Coyle Bailey.

Cora is the most amazing big sister of all time! She loves giving Jamey kisses and helping in any way she can. We are trying to make this transition from an only child to the first born as smooth as possible for "Sweet Cheeks" and so far things are going great.

WE count our blessings every day!

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