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Sleep is good for the body and mind

We are very thankful that Cora has been an excellent sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night since two months and only on the rare occasion does she wake up in the middle of the night. She slept in a Moses Basket once we brought her home, made the transition to her pack and play and eventually landed in her crib at about three months old, which is where she does her best work. Her best work is growing.

When she was little, I would put her on my contour pillow and lay her between Matt and I in bed between feedings and sometimes during naps. Cora ended up outgrowing the pillow and once I was back to work, I had to start giving up the naps, which meant Cora was in the crib for her naps. The transition happened natrually and because Cora was taking longer naps, it was the best thing for everyone.

There is the occasion that I try to get Cora to sleep inbetween Matt and I at night, but she prefers her own crib and isn't interested in snuggling with us. It happened once and in the early a.m. this past July, but not before or since. Cora is down to one nap and it is usually two and a half hours. Naps do definitely give us the opportunity to get things done around the house, but I am more excited that Cora gets the chance to rest and recharge! She works so hard in the morning, both her body and brain, that rest is what she needs to be able to make it through the evening. Her vocabulary is growing everyday and her newest thing is a cute little trot since she has pretty much mastered walking.

12 month check-up statistics were 2' 6.71" and 26lb 10.8 oz.

16 month check-up statistics were 2' 9.86" and 29lb 3.6oz. (>99% for height and 99% for weight)

The pictures below were a mommy - daughter outing at The Salisbury Zoo. It was so much fun and Cora loved it!

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