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Bowling Baby

We are trying to capture as many firsts as possible with Cora and she had her first bowling experience, with her cousins Spencer and Anna. Cora was more of a cheerleader for Spencer and Anna, but she did get a chance to bowl a couple times for daddy. Mommy sat this one out, to keep Cora company, but we will keep coming back every so often and see if it something that Cora enjoys.

I use my grandmother's bowling ball when I go bowling, on the rare occasion, and will happily pass it down to Cora when the time is right and if she is interested. Mommy and Daddy have a fundraiser bowling event coming up this month, so I'll have Cora rub my bowling ball for good luck. Cora won't make it to the bowling alley this time, but I'll tell her all about it the next morning.

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