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Music and Swimming

The camera I use does not take action shots very well and keeping sweet cheeks still is a challenge. Cell phone picture clarity is not as good as an actual camera, in my opinion, so I need to either figure this camera out or buy one that is good with action shots.

So, our second full session of music has started up and Cora has started swimming lessons as well. Music is a favorite of mine and Cora loves it too! I am a bit disappointed to hear that schools no longer have separate music teachers at the elementary level, but instead the main teacher takes on the role of music teacher as well. I remember loving music when I was in elementary school. I remember my teachers and songs we used to sing, fondly. I am not sure if Cora will have a singing voice, but maybe.

Cora loves bathtime, so why wouldn't she love a big bathtub, the pool?!?! The first swimming class went pretty well and she has two of the cutest bathing suits ever. Most things seems pretty advanced for Cora at her age, but practice makes perfect. We go from tummy to back, practice proper climbing out of the pool, floating on her back and even going under. I am secretly hoping that Cora wants to be on the school swim team when she gets older, but only time will tell. Our goal is to have her experience as many activities as possible and narrow down the list to a few favorites of Cora.

The first two pictures are at music class. The last two pictures are on the way to and at the pool for swimming lessons. Besides Cora being active and it resulting in me getting some blurry pictures, she also wants to grab the camera when she sees it. So, the second picture is up close and personal and I can not get enough of those sweet cheeks!

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