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First Snow and Trifecta (Tooth, Crawl, Wave)!

We did not take Cora out in the first snow, which started on a Saturday, until Monday. She can't really enjoy it too much, so it was more for a photo opportunity. I had her on a old stump with a blanket draped on top (first time mom flag was flying), but Matt thought putting her in the snow on her back would be fun. Cora didn't fuss, was just probably trying to figure out what we were up to and why she was doing something that we were not doing. Aunt Annie got her the snowsuit bunting and it is perfect for getting out and about in the weather. Cora did get a taste of the snow and got to touch it as well, just to engage her senses.

I called it and was right, Cora is now officially crawling and it started on Friday, January 13th. This blog won't let me upload videos very easily, so sorry for not being able to share the first footage. She mostly crawls to things that are not toys, go figure, but it is a very exciting time for sweet cheeks. She is trying to pull herself up, but needs assistance with that. She can stand while holding on to something, but she doesn't really know how to get back down gently.

On Thursday, January 12th (for Pa's birthday) her first tooth started to poke through her bottom gum. It is a very sharp and jagged tooth, having just barely broken the skin. We are supposed to wipe her teeth, once they are fully exposed, to clean them of food and milk and start healthy oral hygiene from a young age. Her first dental appointment isn't until she is two or three. I need to check my notes because I have already forgotten what the child dentist told me, when I called to ask a few questions. I was mainly calling to ask for feedback on pacifiers at the time, but wanted to get feedback on when the first dental appointment typically is and how far in advance an appointment needs to be made.

Lastly, Cora is also doing an occasional wave. Sometime she waves when you ask her to and sometimes she doesn't, but it is so cute when she does. I have been working with her on waving for awhile now, just because when we are out people always tend to wave to babies as a form of interaction. I always respond with "we are working on that, but don't have it down quite yet". Believe me, I am not trying to rush things, but it is exciting to have her do response actions and see her communication skills develop.

This has been a wild week, with Cora doing so many things at once. I want to enjoy each new achievement equally, but I have come to the realization that it won't happen for awhile because my sweet little girl is developing at a very rapid rate currently. I am not sure at what age the milestones are more spread out, I have never thought about it much until now, but I am loving the journey so far and will embrace this wonderful ride as a parent.

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