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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

It has been almost one month since my last post, my apologies, but I promise get back on track. Cora has grown so much in the last month, she experienced a lot of firsts and hit 8 months. She is 2/3 of the way to being 1 year old and I don't want to blink, for fear that I will not get to enjoy all the moments as long as I would like. I try to be good with taking pictures, but I want to be enjoying the moment with Cora too, so I haven't captured as many as I would like on the camera. Each one is stored in my memory bank, but I do not want my memory to run out or have there be a glitch and new memories replace older ones ( I know I am not a computer, but I am thinking I might need to treat my brain like one and have a hard drive type system in place). This website/blog was started for everyone else, but I am thinking that it will be just as much for me one day. I think I better print out my postings and keep them in a binder, because I will love looking through all of them with Cora one day.

New things for Cora...

1. More food has been added to her ever growing palate. New additions are broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, cereal, yogurt and even a few flavored teething wafers. Speaking of food, Cora loves water too! She got her first sippy cup, an early Christmas present, but Mimi and Cora have decided that Cora's preference is drinking like a big girl. The top is removed and Cora drinks directly from the cup, with assistance of course. She loves it and is so proud of herself.

2. She sits up very well on her own and does not have too many "timber" falls anymore. Occasionally it happens, but she has gotten good at getting her balance back and catching herself before she topples over.

3. She can go from sitting, to her belly, rolls side to side and can get back to a seated position. She can get on all fours and kind of pumps back and forth without actually crawling, like she is trying to get up the courage to move forward. I am guessing crawling will happen by this weekend. She can push herself backwards, but reverse mode is the only one she has right now. She wants to pull herself up to a standing position, but her legs are not quite ready to hold her weight. She can stand with assistance and by her underarms is best. Holding her up with your fingers is possible, but she is like a newborn animal trying to find its legs.

4. Her smile has only gotten more beautiful with every day. The sparkle in her eyes has only gotten brighter. Her heart is full of love and I am so proud that I get to be part of shaping her into the most wonderful little girl (and eventually an amazing woman) she can be.

5. Her personality is coming through and she has the best of both of us. She is easy going (that's Matt) , has a determined spirit (that's Me) and a unique mix of other wonderful qualities that make her the one-of-a-kind human being she is.

Pictures - listed top to bottom: Cora's favorite part of the day, bathtime. Christmas Eve at AUMC (with Mimi). Christmas Day at home (with Mimi, Annie and Nana). New Year's Day (with Mimi, Kirk, Laurie, Cole and Boyd). Car trip to N.C. for New Year's Weekend.

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