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High Chair and Ho Ho Ho

As we were decorating our first tree as a family of three this week, I realized that Matt and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to being sentimental. I am the sentimental one and the more meaning something has the better! When I came upon an old high chair in the attic of 10 St. Lawrence Street, when I was pregnant, I got excited at the opportunity to refurbish it and have it ready for baby Bailey. I am guessing the last baby to use it was my cousin Rachel, who is the youngest grandchild of my Mimi and Pa.

There was a lot to do leading up to baby Bailey, but not too much baby stuff, mostly house renovation to do lists. High chair was on my baby list and I used lemon oil on the wood and chipped off the old paint on the tray portion of the high chair. The chipping of the tray took the most time, but a beautiful piece of raw wood remained. I needed to paint the tray, recover the cushion for the chair and get Matt to find a replacement piece for the strap latch that keeps baby Bailey in the seat. I did not get the tray painted in time for Cora's arrival and Matt didn't have the strap latch secured, but I thought we have time. Who knew 6 months would go by so fast? Well, actually everyone told me how fast it would go but I did not truly understand until I experienced it first hand.

Cora was approaching 6 months and so time was running out. I painted the tray in time for her 6 month birthday, with the same baby safe paint we used on her crib, but Matt couldn't find the latch strap replacement piece anywhere and I hadn't covered the seat cushion yet. There is no cushion yet and we are one month past our goal date, but Cora is using her high chair and I love it. I wanted to share a picture of Cora in her special high chair and i'll get her cushion covered eventually!

It is Cora's first Christmas, outside of the womb, and she is at a very cute age for enjoying The Christmas Tree. She loves the lights, touching the tree and checking out all the ornaments. She is trying to figure Santa out, she studies him intensely every time she is in his lap, but doesn't cry. She got a fistfull of Santa's beard in her hand this past Sunday and made Santa a little nervous, so I'll remember to give warning to Santa next time. She has gotten to sit in Santa's lap twice, so I wanted to share a picture and you can try and guess how their meeting will go next year. Hopefully it will be tear free, but only time will tell. We hope to keep it as simple as possible, when she starts to understand the commercial side of Christmas, and look most forward to creating family traditions that Cora will pass down to her family one day. Visiting Santa, buying a bulbed Christmas tree, decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, Christmas Eve church service, Christmas breakfast and planting our Christmas tree on the property are a few traditions we have on the schedule for this year. I am sure we will add to this, but it is a good start. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and Christmas Blessings to All!

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