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Cora had her 6 month check-up at the doctors this past Tuesday and she is in the 95% for height and weight. Her weight was not done on a baby scale, as it usually is, but instead with me holding her and subtracting my weight. So, she was fully clothed and had on her diaper and came in at 21.8lbs. Her height is 28". Her growth is consistent and steady, so the doctor is pleased. He asked what her last meal was before bed and was surprised that she is sleeping through the night with breast milk being the last thing she has for the day. She sleeps very well and is usually in bed by 8:30pm, waking up with the biggest smile for daddy around 6:30am. I am not a morning person, but when Cora gets excited when she sees me in the morning, I have to smile back!

Cora just completed her second music class with Miss Debbie and loved it! This picture of only Cora is from her last music class, which was pajama day. You can see some of her music buddies in the background. Daddy coached middle school football this year, so he was able to make it to the second to last class. I captured a picture of Cora and Daddy at music class and she has on a cute onesie Aunt Ann got her. It reads "pretty eyes, chunky thighs". We love Cora more than words can properly express and we hope she has the best of both of us. She sparkles and we know she is going to use her sparkle to make a difference in the world one day.

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