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Busy Cora B.

A lot has been going on with Cora this past week and so I am touching on three main things (the second and third go together). 1. 1st Halloween. 2. 6 Months Old. 3. Real Food - Avocado and Bananas!

So a very good friend, Debbie Kee, made an amazing Honey Badger knit hat for Sweet Cheeks (my nickname for Cora). She made it before Cora was born and I have been excited for the right weather to come along, but better yet it turned out to be my inspiration piece for her 1st Halloween. There is a funny video on youtube about the honey badger. If you decide to look it up, in the chance you haven't seen it already, let me warn you in advance that it has explicit language and is graphic. Someone told me about the video and I mentioned it to Debbie during Yoga, so it just became a little joke and a gives us a good laugh every now and then. I kind of pieced the outfit together, but Cora was the cutest honey badger you will ever see! Cora didn't get any candy, but we did join up with her cousins Spencer, Anna and Alexander for fun with family and friends. Next year may (or may not) result in actual candy collecting, but I'll start thinking of what her costume will be. I was thinking either a farm girl (in overalls) or a bumble bee.

Cora hit her half birthday mark this past Saturday and turned six months old. It seems like yesterday that she was born but at the same time like we have had her in our lives forever. She is happy, healthy, lights up a room with her smile and has a sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes. She has slept through the night since about two months, which we have been very grateful for, so we held off on solid foods until the evening of Friday, November 4th. Cora has been so patient and intently watching everyone eat and drink, for quite some time now, and probably had dreams about eating something other than breastmilk. Well her time has come and we started with avocado, since she is a cinco de mayo baby (May 5th is her birthdate). We have added banana to her beginners palate and next up are carrots and butternut squash. She is learning the technique of eating with a spoon, but will get it down soon enough. We celebrated Cora's first food experience but we had a dual celebration for me as well. As of November 4th, I have stopped waking up each night to pump. I have been waking up to pump for the past four months, since she started sleeping through the night, and am thankful to get a longer stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Since we had so much to celebrate, we went as a family (Matt, Cora, Mimi and myself) to hear Chapel Street Junction play live at a local restaurant in Milford. Chapel Street Junction played at mine and Matt's wedding and they made a few shoutouts to us with some of their song choices for the evening.

Counting my blessing!

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