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Perfect Hearing

This post is way past due, a week late, but I had planned on posting on Tuesday following Cora's hearing test and ENT doctor follow-up. Matt and I are so very excited to say that Cora's hearing in her right ear, which was previously failing hearing tests and showing an issue in the middle ear, is now passing and perfect. It took ear tubes and some extra stress and anxiety on mommy and daddy, but we count our blessings every day and are thankful for all the support we have received from family and friends.

The unsedated ABR was on this past Tuesday and we were very fortunate that Mimi was able to make the trip with Cora and I. The weekend leading up to Tuesday and the Monday before (Mimi had Cora on Monday) resulted in Cora only having one hour naps. We had found that on busy weekend, where naps were not as consistent, Cora would be playing a little sleep catch-up in the beginning of the week. So, I made the decision that as of Sunday, Cora was to nap no longer than one hour. I really did not want to have to put Cora under anesthesia to do a follow-up hearing test and that was going to be the next step if we could not get her to sleep at her follow-up ABR appointment. Well, the plan worked perfectly and the results were music to our ears!

The next step is a follow-up hearing test and ENT appointment around 1 year, 6 months from now. Just when we think we may be pushing Cora's limits, she surprises us and is the perfect patient. The pictures below are from our AI Dupont appointment on October 25th and the last one is with the audiologist doctor and a student in training.

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