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Cousins - N.C. Style

We took a road trip to North Carolina for a belated birthday celebration for Cole and then it was the weekend of Uncle Kirk's birthday too. When I got out of the event planning industry I promised to not miss a birthday for Cole or Boyd. Cole's birthday is September 20th and Boyd's is May 22nd so those are prime wedding months and that resulted in me not being able to travel to many celebrations over the past six years.

We left Friday night at 9:30pm and arrived at 3:30am on Saturday morning. Two soccer games later, mommy/daughter nap, dinner and s'mores, lunch at Duke Gardens and an ice cream treat finished off our weekend. We got back on the road at 4:15pm on Sunday and were back home around 10:30pm. Cora is a great traveler and loves spending time with her cousins, Uncle Kirk and Aunt Laurie.

A few pictures from the weekend, enjoy! We received a hand me down Ohio State dress and since Coleslaw loves O-H-I-O, we decided to put it on Cora in honor of the 8 o'clock game on Saturday night. Cora will always be a Kentucky fan, Momma said, but that just shows how much she loves her cousin Cole. Boyd and Cora got to enjoy the swings while Cole was playing his second soccer game for the day. It was Cora's first swing experience and she loved it, thanks for the great idea Boyd!

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