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"Cuter Than Cotton"

"Cuter than cotton" is a phrase the mother of a good friend of mine would use in reference to children. I sent my friend a picture of Cora the other day and when her response was "cuter than cotton", I thought that was the sweetest saying and perfect for my sweet cheeks. I did ask permission to use the saying in the future and got approval!

I never thought posting a blog once a week would be so hard to make time for, so I will keep apologizing when I do not make my goal of a weekly Sunday posting. I am going to have to do it in the morning, after I feed Cora and before church, and try my best to make it part of my Sunday morning routine.

This time last week Cora turned 5 months old and it feels like someone hit the fast forward button times four on the television remote. It went fast is what I am trying to say. I am going to enjoy every second of her being 5 months, but Cora is going to be excited to be 6 months old! She has been eying up any food or drink that is consumed by a human or animal and is very ready to experience it first hand. We are going to celebrate 6 months with either carrots, apples or avocado. Maybe because she is a cinco de mayo baby, avocado would be a fitting first food. Cora's Uncle Kirk, Aunt Laurie, Cousin Cole and Cousin Boyd shared a baby food maker, so I guess I better get out the instructions and be ready for November 5th. In the meantime, we will savor Cora being 5 months and let her get some eating practice with using an empty spoon for the next few weeks. We will also get to work on finishing her high chair too, so she has a comfy place to enjoy her first meal.

I started refurbishing the wooden high chair Cora will use, it was one that was collecting dust in the attic of Mimipas Beach House, and I kept saying how I had time to get it finished. Well, it is back on the top of the priority list and it will get done in time! I'll post a blog in honor of Cora's 6 month celebration, so you can be part of the experience too.

I am including Cora's 5 months picture and then a pictures of Matt and Cora posing next to the family growth chart. Faith the cat is running around so Cora was tracking her every move. My family from Kentucky gifted money to Cora, in honor of her birth day, and a growth chart was something I had been wanting. It is handmade and I found the company at a local Milford festival a few years back. I saved the information for the company and absolutely love the finished product! Little things, like a growth chart, get me excited and I think it is because I am very sentimental. This growth chart may become the most prized possession to me in the house and solely because it will bring back so many memories. You can barely see my mark in the picture, I made it with a red sharpie, but Cora is just over 26" as of Wednesday, October 11, 2016. My goal was to measure her at 5 months, but I didn't remember to do it before she went to bed that night. Matt wants to track our heights on the growth chart as well, it is carved with "The Bailey Family", but I am not too sure I want to track the shrinking process.

Hearing update: I think her hearing has improved and is much more sensitive to sounds, but we will know for sure on October 25th.

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