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Post Ear Tubes

I had intended to get this post done yesterday, but with only one hour of sleep on Thursday night, I ended up falling asleep on the couch last night and not getting this done. Sorry to keep those who were looking for an update waiting.

Cora did amazing at A.I. Dupont on Friday. We arrived a little before 7 a.m. and went through the check-in process . She went back around 7:45 a.m. and the doctor came out about 10 - 15 minutes later with two thumbs up. There was fluid behind her right ear that he sucked out and he said there was a fair amount of earwax in both ears that he removed as well. He was happy with how everything went.

Since Cora is breastfeeding and hadn't eaten since 2:30am Friday morning, they got us back as soon as possible so that she could eat right away. She came out of her anesthesia a little groggy and fussy, but after eating she was back to her usual, happy self. Everyone that meets Cora says how beautiful and happy she is! The final lady to walk us back to the exit said "is she always this happy?". When we replied that "yes, she is", she reminded us how lucky we are to have Cora in our lives.

We have ear drops that we use twice a day but other than that, Cora seems back to normal and better than ever. She did sleep a little more than usual yesterday and today, but the nurse that checked us out said that sleep is good for her. Matt and I are trying to determine if we see a change in her hearing and we think there may be a difference. There has to be some difference, since they were able to get rid of the fluid and ear wax. I am thinking, based on observing her the past 24 hours, that her hearing is much more sensitive. This is a good sign and I am happy that we moved forward with this procedure.

I was "that mom" and I am sure A. I. Dupont is excited to get a break from all of my phone calls. Matt and I spoke with as many people as possible to make sure we were making the right decision for Cora. We talked to family, friends, pediatricians, nurses and as many other people as possible. A.I. was recommending a sedated ABR following her ear tubes, but in the end we opted out and have scheduled an unsedated ABR for Tuesday, October 25th. There is an overwhelming amount of pressure that we feel to make the best decision for Cora, afterall she is counting on us! We are keeping our fingers crossed that she sleeps well for her unsedated ABR on the 25th and will have a follow-up with our ENT doctor after the ABD test. Based on the results from the 25th, Cora may be back on track with her hearing or further intervention and a hearing aid may be needed. We will continue to pray that what we have done to date is exactly what Cora needed and she is on track at this point.

On a side note and mentioning a milestone, Cora is officially rolling over! She did it once yesterday and is doing it today, so I am adding it to her baby book for September 30th. Go Cora!!

A couple pictures of Cora. One is once we got to the hospital and the other two are her in the cute hospital gown.

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