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Pre-Ear Tubes

So, it is 1:48am on Friday, September 30th and I will be waking Cora up at 2:30am for a feeding. Cora sleeps through the night, she has since she was about two months old, and the only other exception I have made for waking her is after I worked a wedding for a friend Labor Day Weekend. I was away from Cora all day/night and when I got home I wanted to hold her and tell her how much I missed her. A middle of the night snack was only logical at that point and Cora didn't mind one bit.

Cora goes to A.I . Dupont today for ear tubes. A minor surgery I am told, but to me it is a big deal! I am going to try to keep it together, knowing that it is much harder on me and she will never even remember. I actually went against doctor recommendations and opted out of a sedated ABR that was to follow the ear tube surgery. I didn't feel comfortable with her being under general anesthesia for over an hour when we can try an unsedated ABR later in October.

Her ear tubes are not because of ear infections, but because of a potential hearing loss in her right ear. We (me, Matt, Mimi, Aunt Ann , Nana) think she hears pretty well, but the doctors say her right ear has a blockage and so they are hoping it is fluid and can be taken care of today with ear tubes. The doctors believe in early intervention and by six months, with the hopes that her development will not be delayed. We are giving it a go today and hope for the best outcome. Best case is the ear tubes correct the issue and worse case is further invention and possibly a hear aid for her right ear. I will post an update later today with how the ear tube surgery goes but we won't have a final answer on if further intervention is needed until October 25th.

I am including a picture of "sweet cheeks" in her crib before bed on Thursday night. She will be five months next Wednesday, October 5th, and is truly a gift from God. She has made me the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world and I try to take her everywhere I go. She is my number one assistant. When she can't come with me, I look forward to getting back to her and being greeted by her smile. I give her lots of kisses in return!

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