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4 Month Check-up

Cora had her four month check-up on Wednesday, September 7th and below are the standard physical items they record. I did not make a note on her heart rate or where she is on the growth chart. It was just Cora and I for this appointment, Daddy came to the last two, and so I was trying to document everything and ask my round of questions that I always come to each appointment with. Her last check-up was 2 months, so I gave some comparison numbers so you can see her growth. She was in the 60-70 percentile at her 2 month check-up.

Weight = 16 pounds 13 ounces (12 lbs 4 oz. at 2 months)

Height = 26" (23 1/4 at 2 months)

Head Circumference = 16 3/4" (15 1/2" at 2 months)

Temperature = 97.2 degrees (98.4 at 2 months)

Her pediatrician says at 5 months she can have cereal, though we may wait until 6 months. Cora is starting to eye up real food, so I know she will be ready to eat it when Mommy and Daddy give her the green light. She is very happy and smiles a lot, but when she sees the camera she becomes inquisitive and gets a more serious "thinking face". I remember when I was growing up I would ask my mom if she was mad, because her facial expression made me think she was. Her response was, "No, I am just thinking". So, Cora gets her "thinking face" from her Mimi I suppose.

She received two shots, one shot contains three immunizations, and one oral immunization. She gave a wail when the second shot was given, but overall did really well. I had to hold her arms down and I always said I would never be able to be in the room when I had a baby and shots were needed. Well, now that Cora is here, I want to be there for her and help in any way I can. I'll do anything the nurse says, I just do not want to see the needle!

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